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Welcome to, your number one source for Free Myspace Comment Codes. We are happy to provide you with the best myspace comment graphics, cool funny pictures, glitters, comment images and a lot more myspace stuff! Make your Myspace profile look cool and leave your friends Funny Myspace Comments. Even though it says it's for MySpace, you may use these on any personal blog. That includes hi5, Friendster, Xanga, Piczo, Orkut, TagWorld, Tagged or any of the others you participate on. Enjoy!

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  March 21, 2008 > Just been added:

Happy Easter Comments

Happy St. Patrick's Day Comments

Happy Valentine's Day Comments

Happy New Year Graphics & Comments

Happy New Year GLITTER Graphics

  NEW: December, 04 > Just been added:

Merry Christmas Comments and Graphics

Christmas Glitters

  November 21, 2007 > Just been added:

Happy Thanksgiving Graphics & Comments

Just been added:

Happy Halloween Graphics & Comments

Halloween Glitter Graphics

Halloween ICONS

  June 14, 2007 > Just been added:

Emo Comments & Graphics

Heart Comments & Graphics

HOT Comments

Sexy & Hot Girl Comments

100% Sexy, 100% Hot, 100% Funny Comments

MUSIC Comments

Philippines, filipino Comments

US, USA, United States of America Comments

Latin Comments

Puerto Rico Comments

Christian Myspace Comments

50+ new Hi, Hello FUNNY Comments

160+ new Happy Birthday Comments

140+ new Good Night, Sweet Dreams Comments

100+ new Good Morning Comments

50+ new Good Afternoon Comments

80+ new Gay Comments

100+ new Angel Comments

150+ new Cat, Kittens Comments

150+ new Dog, Puppies Comments

80+ Friends, Friendship Comments

50+ new I'm Sorry Comments

50+ new Funny Comments

new Happy Tuesday Comments

50+ new Monday Comments

MORE Happy Saturday Comments

MORE Happy Sunday Comments


Hi, Hello, Aloha Comments

Hi, Hello - Funny Pictures Comments

Funny Myspace Comments

What's Up Comments

Thanks, Thank You Comments

Thanks For The Add Comments

Happy Birthday Comments

Halloween Comments

Merry Christmas Comments

Happy New Year Comments

Happy Valentine's Day Comments

Showin Some Love Comments

I Love You Comments

Love Comments

Kisses Comments

Hugs Comments

Sweet Comments

Sexy Comments

Heart Comments

Hot Comments

Lips Comments

Happy Hump Day Comments

Angel Comments

I Miss You Comments

Thinking Of You Comments

Smile Comments

Sorry Comments

Good Bye Comments

You Rock Comments

Friends Comments

Music Comments and Graphics

Words-Glitters Comments

Alcohol Comments

Gay Comments

Cats, Kittens Comments

Dogs, Puppies Comments

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Good Morning Comments

Good Day Comments

Good Afternoon Comments

Good Night Comments

Week Comments

Weekend Comments

Monday Comments

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Sunday Comments

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